High Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle
High Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle
High Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle
High Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle
High Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle

High Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle

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Power washing Has Never Been This Accessible! But Here's a Solution; High Pressure Water Hose

Want to turn your low-pressure garden hose into a jet stream? 

The High Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle makes washing surfaces easy and convenient. Wash everything around the house from the deck, automobiles, lawnmower, garage doors, concrete sidewalks, patio decks, BBQ grills, etc. 

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Thanks to its innovative design of High Pressure Water Hose, this new cleaner significantly increases the outlet pressure of your water hose up to 8 bars. It removes dirt and mold from wood, aluminum, vinyl siding, concrete foundations, brick, stone, and much more! High Pressure Water Hose provides professional results at home in seconds. 


High Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle


  • HIGH-PRESSURE WASH - Transform your usual garden hose into a powerful 8 bar pressure jet. Equipped with a nozzle for concentrated spraying and another for a large and powerful water jet. Perfect for car washes, dirty wooden fences, the outside of your home, and more!
  • FITS STANDARD HOSES - Fits all standard ¾" garden hoses and other sizes with standard 1" female fittings.

High Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle

  • SAFE FOR ALL SURFACES - Safely clean all dirty surfaces, including wood, brick, concrete, coatings, plastic, glass, and more. You can easily wash your car, truck, motorhome, or boat and tackle dirty wheels and rims. It is guaranteed that it is safe on all surfaces and that it does not scour wood, automotive paint, or a clear coat.
  • HIGH-QUALITY ARM - Designed with stainless and corrosion-resistant materials. Industrial grade brass connectors and high-quality aluminum alloy wash rod.

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  • Material: Aluminum alloy (Tube), Copper (Ball valve), TPR (Handle)
  • Size: 46.5cm
  • Spraying distance: 15m

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  • 1 x High-Pressure Water Hose with Nozzle